Marlene "Marlo Venice" Parvati is a Peacock fashion model.


Marlo is a fashionable, sweet peacock who knows what she likes and does not like. She would never let anyone step all over her. She cares about her friends, and is always willing to stand up for them, if necessary.

When it comes to fashion and looks, Marlo is definitely the girl to come to for fashion advice. She knows the ins and outs of the fashion world.

Marlo is caring when it comes to her friends. She always listens and will always be thinking about her friends. She watches their backs.

Marlo is also quite a romantic, and definitely a flirt.

Relationships Edit

Buhdeuce - Marlo is in love with Buhdeuce. She has had interest in him since "Primadonna Hurl", when she met him before the fashion show. She fell for him after getting to know him. (when he was disguised as "Karen") After that her attraction to him became fairly obvious, especially when she kissed him.

Swaysway - She is indifferent to Swaysway. She doesn't really know him, but he gives her a little bit of a bad vibe. It is iffy if Swaysway is attracted to her, it's kinda mixed messages.